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Mahima Patel attempts another shot at reviving Janata Parivar

Prevalent upheaval in the three major political parties in the state appears to have boosted the confidence of lone-ranger Mahima Patel, state president of Janata Dal (United), who is looking to fish in troubled waters by attempting to revive the Janata Parivar as an alternative to Congress and BJP in the state.Notwithstanding several failures on earlier occasions, Patel plans to take a cue from Aam Aadmi Party, that rode on the back of the Anna Hazare movement to become a force reckon

India’s dire need of electoral reforms

For a democracy as diverse and complex as ours, improvements need to be a consistent feature. Talking more specifically about electoral reforms

Know your Leader: Shekharappa K

The National Secretary Youth of JD(U), Mr. Shekharappa K is a good Samaritan and a generous person. He has been on quite a journey of serving his country

Know Your Leader: Shri Mahima J Patel

Sri. Mahima J Patel, an Ex MLA, and son of former Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri. J.H Patel is heading the political party Janatha Dal (United)

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