JDU Mahima Patel nomination from Shivamogga

Shivamogga: As the by-poll is inching closer, the rush to le the nominations is on full swing. Son of former chief minister Late J H Patel, Mahima Patel led his nomination at the DC ofce, here on Monday, October 15. Mahima Patel will be contesting for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections representing the Janata Dal (United)

Speaking to media after ling the nomination, Mahima Patel said, “I’m contesting for the Lok Sabha elections this time from Shivamogga Constituency. The intentions are clear that I would like to provide the best quality leadership and help the commoner. A leader should render service and work with utmost consciousness and determination.” “A truthful and honest leader is what the people of Shivamogga are looking forward to”, he added. He spoke on the way the political leaders represent themselves and ask for votes. He said, “People vote on the basis of caste, religion and money but ironically, the same people who cast their votes to that leader, shout and disgrace the same representative. This is recurring in every election. We should have simple and transparent elections.” He recollected the time when people had elected him as an MLA from the Channagiri Constituency. “In the year 1967, J H Patel was elected as the Member of Parliament from the Channagiri Constituency with vote. He gave his rst speech in Kannada in the parliament. Later, he was yet again elected as an MLA and was destined to serve the people of Karnataka as the chief minister”, Mahima Patel said. On the question of what would be his agenda for the Lok Sabha election campaign, he said, “I’m not conned to just one aspect. As an MP, one will be having the responsibility of the whole nation and as an MLA, the whole state. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is the setting example in terms of handling responsibilities and we too will do the same in our state.”

‘No relation is permanent in politics’

Answering the queries on JD(U)-NDA alliance, he said that he would be contesting separately. Mahima Patel said, “Nitish Kumar has said that we would be allied with NDA. But in my perspective, no relations are permanent in politics. The current scenario is such that one cannot rely upon another. Ramakrishna Hegde, J H Patel, George Fernandes are our leaders and with the motivation and inspiration derived from them, we’ll lead the party singly.” In the meantime, he has also kept the JD(U) doors open for the interested candidates. Elections should not be battlegrounds Speaking on the way the elections are fought in India, Mahima Patel said,

Elections should no longer be a battleground. It must be taken sportively.” “We say we work for the people and later arrogance, power and money overpower us. Later these three create a trap. I’m contesting for the people and also for other politicians. I’m looking forward to being a ‘Satised minister’, as none is satised in the eld of politics”, Mahima Patel said.

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