Know your Leader: Shekharappa K

The National Secretary Youth of JD(U), Mr. Shekharappa K is a good Samaritan and a generous person. He has been on quite a journey of serving his country and the people.

He was born on 31st December 1973 in Bidarakere village, located 15km away from the Jagalur Taluk of Davanagere district in Karnataka. His early life was pretty normal. He finished his schooling in his village, and then went on to complete a pre-college degree in Jagalur Taluk. He was always keen and interested to do something for his community. During his days of pursuing a degree, he got selected to serve the Indian Army, the 5th Battalion – The Madras Regiment Infantry. He knew his life would change and he would start living the life he dreamt of.

Know your Leader: Shekharappa K

His first deployment for training was in Ooty. He recalls the infantry being very rigorous and disciplined. He obtained training for about a year and a half. Post that, his first posting was in Jammu & Kashmir. As a soldier, you are trained to be prepared for the worst. And the worst came soon. He served the Kargil war in 1999, engaging in combat, fighting the battle of a long cold-war between two countries that don’t need any introduction. He was brave enough to stand his ground and fulfill his duty even though he had to make hard decisions.

 In 2001, he was posted to Gujarat. While the rest of the country was celebrating the 52nd Republic Day, Shekharappa was fighting to save people’s lives. The earthquake, also known as the Kutch Bhuj Earthquake lasted for about two minutes. He saw a once, standing tall state crumble and sink into the ground in a matter of 54 seconds. In that state-of-terror and panic, he helped and rescued a lot of lives. He was astonished to be alive by the end of it and takes pride in knowing that he saved lives. He has been deployed all over India except for Odisha. He was wounded in action in Kargil and during the earthquake, also gunned down five terrorists. He served in the army for 18 years.

After his retirement from the army, he still wanted to serve people. Hence, his transition began towards politics. He is an ethical person with strong morals and wanted to work in a party with a similar thought system. He was inspired by his father to work in JD(U). He joined as a volunteer and rose up to the National Secretary position in the coming years. He has been part of a lot of social events like the Chitradurga to Bangalore jata with 2000 women. Recently, he was part of the “Sharaab Chodo, Doodh Peeyo” movement. He is a member of the Ex-Army Association and Dalit Sangha Samiti, where he tries to help as much as he can.

He was also an avid sportsperson. He took part in Kabaddi & Kho Kho tournaments. He won the 2nd position as the Best Shooter in the National firing in the competition held in Palampur, conducted by ARA.

Mr. Shekarappa strongly believes in the motto “it’s about, what you can do for the party rather than what the party can do for you”. He lives to earn and serve for the party.

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