Know Your Leader: Shri Mahima J Patel

Sri. Mahima J Patel, an Ex MLA, and son of former Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri. J.H Patel is heading the political party Janatha Dal (United) in Karnataka. An Engineer by education, Shri Mahima J Patel’s hobbies include flying microlight aircraft, traveling across the world, and experiencing different cultures. His core beliefs in integrity, love, and mutual co-operation have helped him achieve personal success and also lead a powerful life. He believes in people’s potential, grit, and equality such as giving equal chances to everyone irrespective of religion, caste, gender, social status, etc.

He is committed towards clean and organic politics and believes in empowering people with similar thought process so that they can defy the political stigma – ‘Only people with money can be successful in electoral politics’. ‘With the shift in people’s perspective, we can restore their faith in governance and political parties’ says Shri Mahima J Patel.
Through JDU, Mr. Patel intends to create good relationships between different communities and other political parties in order to work towards a better tomorrow.


He aims at providing a good environment for the society by focusing on projects to reduce pollution namely, clean air and water, healthy food through organic farming, and production of unadulterated clean food. He plans on revamping infrastructure in rural areas by creating better drainage systems, and underground water reservoirs. He also wants to focus on creating and conserving small forest areas in every Panchayat of Karnataka.

He gives more importance to real-life experience and is of the opinion that knowledge and education should not be confined to the classroom or textbooks.

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