K.N Nagegowda

Position: State President 2003 - 2004

Mr. Nagegowda K.N. was born on February 1st, 1944. The second son of Kempegowda and Choudamma, Nagegowda got his primary and high school education in Malavalli itself. He joined to Vijaya Pre-University College in 1963 and later completed his Engineering graduation at PES College, Mandya. He was an able leader since his student life. He became the president of Mandya district Congress committee in 1974, two times Member of Legislative Council, and served as Minister of Animal Husbandry and as Major Irrigation Minister in Karnataka Government. Under his tenure, he proved himself as a true leader.
He possessed an analytical mind, and an infinite capacity for work, a knack for human relations. He was a real academician, politician and a man of generosity. His quick and dashing decisions proved his real leadership qualities and became a role model for many people. A great practitioner who believes in practicing what he preaches. His dreams are brought to reality. ‘Vision, Perseverance, and Determination to succeed’ was the motto of his life. A self-confessed workaholic he has always been a man with a vision. He believes that all rural students are equally capable and is of the opinion that they should channelize their efforts in the right direction. He died on February 5th, 2004.

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