Waste Management


A harmonious and balanced relationship between human and nature on the earth is vital for the survival of life and sustainable growth. With advent of time, human directly or indirectly interfered with the natural environment for its comfort. One of the causes for pollution of air, water and soil is the way municipal solid waste is being managed. This solid waste problem cross is global and is a serious issue in developing countries such as India. The waste generation rates are increasing and the characteristics are changing with increase in population explosion, Industrial development, and living standards, particularly in growing cities such as Bengaluru. Due to financial constraints a proper municipal solid waste collection and disposal mechanism is not in place. For long, municipal solid waste management has not been recognized as a major attribute for the pollution of air, water and soil pollution. It is now abundantly clear that improper disposal of solid waste can affect all the spheres of the nature and can affect every form of life. For evolution of proper management of solid waste it is necessary to review the status of the current scenario of its collection and disposal methods. Bengaluru, which represent a typical fast growing cities is taken up for detailed review as a case study.

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